What is the Holy Quran in a Nutshell?

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4 min readMar 16, 2023


To navigate humanity to Him, God the Almighty sent down Books with His Prophets to teach and show humankind how to live their lives pleasingly in His eyes — a way of life that delivers contentment in this world and the next while avoiding punishment in the afterlife and attaining Paradise. God sends these Books to serve as study guides and instructional manuals regarding how one’s life should be lived. Through his Revelations to humanity, delivered with Prophets, God reveals His Wisdom, Laws, and Instructions.

The Holy Quran is a guide or instructional manual that teaches one how to live their life. The Book was revealed to guide humanity through every aspect of life. The Holy Quran is a personal guide meant to navigate a person through daily struggles. Just as when you buy a computer or any electronic device, the machine comes with an instructional manual dictating its operation.

The Holy Quran deals with all subjects pertaining to the lives of human beings, such as doctrine, wisdom, worship, law, transactions, and more. Its central theme is the relationship between God and His creation. The Holy Quran also teaches the art of living. The Holy Quran contains guidelines and teachings for both individuals and society as a whole. The Holy Quran’s guidelines and instructions for proper human conduct, a fair economic system, ritual worship, ethics and moral behavior, business, government, etc., are presented in this monumental text.

You are advised to read the instructional manual of life, the Holy Quran, and live as our Creator has commanded. How else would you know your role and the purpose of your existence unless you receive clear and practical instructions regarding God’s expectations of you? If you follow the guidelines carefully, you shall be rewarded with a better life — now and in the hereafter. If you disobey God and go against His commands, by contrast, you will face the consequences in this world and the Hereafter.

The Holy Quran is the primary source of Islamic teachings for all Muslims. The Book is and always has been written in Arabic. The Holy Quran is so unique in content and style that it cannot be translated; therefore, any translation is only intended to interpret its meaning. Distinctions must be drawn between the Holy Quran and its translations.

Unlike other Scriptures of God, not one letter of the Holy Quran has been changed since its Revelation. Everything found in the Holy Quran is true, with no evidence of contradictions or falsehood found, and the truth of the book will remain valid for eternity.

Now let’s review the irrefutable evidence that proves the Holy Quran to be the Word of God:

The Holy Quran is proof of Islam’s truthfulness. Anyone who thoroughly examines the Holy Quran will conclude that no one, including the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, could have authored this Book, as no human could produce anything of its scope and magnitude. Thus, this text could come only from God.

The Holy Quran is the eternal miracle of the Prophet Muhamad PBUH, providing the truthfulness of his Prophethood. Past prophets performed miracles to prove their Prophethood, but all of these miracles ended with their deaths since they were Prophets meant to serve their people only. Since Prophet Muhammad, PBUH, is the last Prophet and meant to be followed till the end of time, his miracle needs to last for that duration so that the people who live after him can see his miracle and believe in his Prophethood. The Holy Quran remains preserved and exists today in the same form as it existed more than 1400 years ago.

The Holy Quran is the greatest miracle of God and contains thousands of miracles to prove its Godly origins. For a book to claim to be the word of God is a formidable statement indeed. Without clear evidence or with one contradiction found within the Book, the apparent Word of God would be proven false. The Holy Quran does not contain any contradictions, nor does it contain any information confirmed as incorrect.

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