The Story of Prophet Jesus | The Attempt to Crucify Prophet Jesus

The Sincere Seeker
3 min readJan 5, 2021

The mother of Prophet Jesus is Mary (Mariam in Arabic). She was a very pious and righteous woman. She is the holiest and greatest of all women that ever lived. Mary gave birth to Prophet Jesus in the valley of Bethlehem, away from the people, after which she then returned. God created Jesus Christ without a human father, just as Prophet Adam peace be upon him was born without either a human father or mother; Allah just said Be, and it Was. Prophet Jesus performed a miracle by speaking as a baby by the power and will of God.

As Jesus Christ grew into adulthood, he began to travel and preach God’s Message throughout the land of Palestine to the hildren of Israel. He taught the Book that God sent to him, known as the Injeel.

To prove to the people, he was a Prophet of God, God granted Prophet Jesus peace be upon him the ability to perform miracles. He was able to fashion birds from clay, then blowing into them to turning them into real birds. He was also able to heal the sick and the blind, and even resurrecting the dead, all by the will and power of God the Almighty. Prophet Jesus peace be upon him preached and stressed that no deity is worthy of worship except the One true God; and only through Him (the One true God, Allah, which is the unique name of God) can one obtain salvation in the hereafter. Prophet Jesus peace be upon him attracted an inner circle of devoted followers who listened to his teachings with humility; who was known as the disciples.

Because the Children of Israel had gone away from the straight path of God,

Allah, the Glorious, sent them their final Prophet, Jesus Christ, to remind them that this is their last chance to fulfill God’s commandments. When Jesus Christ continued to preach God’s Message, commanding them to do certain things and to avoid certain things, instead of believing him and following him, they got frustrated by him. They turned their backs on him, rejected him, and even plotted against him.

They complained to the Roman authorities, who were pagan idol worshipers who had political power at the time. The Children of Israel complained that Prophet Jesus peace be upon him was preaching something new, and they provoked the Romans to rise against him; making the Roman governor believe that the call of Jesus Christ conveyed direct threats against the Roman power. The Roman governor issued an order that Prophet Jesus peace be upon him is arrested, then crucified by hanging him on a cross and starving him; a common form of shame killing.

The Romans ended up crucifying someone else thinking it was Prophet Jesus peace be upon him. God ended up rescuing His Prophet by raising Prophet Jesus’ soul and body up to Himself to save him. The Israelites and the Roman authorities never could harm him, crucify him or kill Prophet Jesus.

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