The Holy Quran’s Quality and Eloquence is Proof of its Divine Source

The Sincere Seeker
2 min readMar 16, 2023

Now let’s speak on the irrefutable proofs and evidence on why the Holy Quran is the true Speech of God. The Holy Quran will continue to speak to every generation until the Day of Judgment. Amongst the many miracles of the Holy Quran is the Quality and Eloquence of the Holy Quran when the text is read in Arabic. Arabic speakers can appreciate the linguistic perfection of the Arabic language of the Holy Quran — it stands as a living miracle of the Arabic language. The Arabs who lived at the time of Prophet Muhammad PBUH could appreciate the eloquence of the language of the Book as they spoke Arabic.

The Holy Quran contains the highest possible standard of rhetoric in its language, to the extent that it would be impossible for a human or group of humans to produce. The Holy Quran consists of perfect grammar. The Holy Quran explains complicated legal matters like inheritance in simple speech and imagery through the Arabic language. The Holy Quran is inimitable in style, form, and spiritual impact; the book’s text has a unique rhythm, tone, rhyme, and genre like no other book. The Holy Quran uses terminology and descriptions that express a sophistication beyond what a 7th-century person living in the desert would know.

The Holy Quran contains many miracles that non-Arabic speakers can appreciate and recognize. The Holy Quran is a miracle because of the power the book wields over humans worldwide. Daily, it changes millions of lives and views. It transforms people into better human beings. The Holy Quran is a miracle because of its incredible spiritual power and positive psychological effects on those who read it. The Book often gives readers an indescribable feeling that moves them to tears, even if they do not speak or comprehend Arabic. The Holy Quran is a miracle, as it has changed and impacted human history in many ways.

The Holy Quran contains references to various branches of knowledge and various sciences that could not have been known firsthand at the time and place of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his companions. We will now dig a little deeper into this subject.

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