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3 min readNov 7, 2021


Allah, our Creator shares a beautiful story in His Book the Holy Quran, which teaches us many lessons. He talks about 2 friends that were neighbors. One of them was very wealthy. Allah had given him so much in this world. He had not one, but two gardens of grapevines with date palm trees protecting his grapes. And he had many other types of fruits that he made a lot of money from. His Garden of fruits would always harvest many fruits and he was never in short supply. Allah also caused a stream of water to flow in between his two gardens, giving his gardens all the water they needed. His friend, however, did not have much in this world. He did not have much wealth nor a garden.

While the two were talking one day, the wealthy friend told this poor friend, I have more money, fruits, and children than you, and I have a higher status in life than you. Even though everything he had was from Allah, he did not give credit to Allah and was arrogantly showing off. He thought he was better than his poor friend just because Allah gave him more in this world. He made his poor friend feel small and made him feel bad, which is wrong, and Allah does not like that.

Allah said the wealthy friend wronged himself. The wealthy friend said I don’t think this garden will ever go away. And I don’t think there will be a judgment day, and if there is a judgment day since God gave me a lot now, He will probably give me even more of judgment day. He did not realize life is a test and Allah gives some people and doesn’t give others in this world as a test.

His poor friend was humble and righteous and did not say anything back until he heard his wealthy friend insult Allah. The poor friend told his wealthy friend he should say MashAllah. He added how can you be so ungrateful to Allah and not thank Him? The One that created you from dust. The poor friend said, as for me, Allah is my Master and I would never associate anyone with God. The wealthy friend did wrong because he took credit for everything he had even though it was all given to him from Allah. Then the poor friend told him even though I have less than you now, perhaps Allah might give me more than you in this world one day or might give me more than you in the afterlife, or perhaps Allah might destroy your whole garden and you’ll end up with nothing.

Then later, Allah punished the wealthy friend by sending destruction destroying both his gardens. The wealthy friend woke up one day seeing his whole gardens destroyed. He stood there turning his hands as he looks at his garden. Then he felt regret and said how I wish I did not commit shirk (by not giving credit to Allah and being thankful for everything).

This story teaches us to be careful with money and beautiful things that we have in this world, we should never be ungrateful and think we deserve all of it without realizing and thanking Allah for all blessings and gifts we own. And we should never be arrogant and show off to others putting them down.

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