Miracles of the Holy Quran and Knowledge of Past Events

The Sincere Seeker
1 min readMar 16, 2023


Not only does the Holy Quran prophesize future events, but the text tells many stories of past events, past nations, and past prophets, such as the stories of Prophet Joseph, Moses, and Jesus PBUT. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH lived in the middle of the desert with no libraries available because the Arabian Peninsula was a backward, antiquated nation at the time. He was unlettered and grew up among illiterate idol worshippers without knowledge of the Scriptures. He had no way of reading or conjuring these stories shared in the Holy Quan.

“That is from the news of the unseen which We reveal to you, [O Muhammad]. You knew it not, neither you nor your people, before this. So be patient; indeed, the [best] outcome is for the righteous.” (Quran 11:49)

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