Being Good to Your Parents in Islam

Before our God, Allah commanded us to pray, fast, pay zakat, and do Hajj; He commanded us to worship Him alone and not anyone else and be good to our parents. He said we should be good to our parents immediately after commanding us not to worship anyone else except Him, which shows us how important Allah thought it was to be good to our parents.

Our parents love us very much and sacrificed so much for us, and we can never pay them back for what they have done for us. They deserve a lot of respect from us. We must love, honor, obey and serve our parents for the rest of our lives. It’s not going to be easy — it will require effort and patience from us.

We should be careful not to show our parents that we are annoyed, even as little as saying uff to them. We should love them, pray for them, show them respect, be kind to them, listen to them, and don’t do things that would make them angry. We should serve them and thank them frequently. We should not address our parents by their names, we should not walk in front of them or sit down before them. We should stand up when they enter a room and kiss them on the forehead frequently.

Being good to our parents comes with a lot of benefits and rewards. Allah answers parent’s prayers to their children. Being good to our parents earns Allah’s pleasure, and angering our parents earns Allah’s anger. Being good to our parents is the easiest way to Heaven, as Heaven lies at the feet of our mother. It is a major sin to disobey and disrespect our parents.

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The Sincere Seeker

The Sincere Seeker

TheSincereSeeker is designed for the one seeking to find God, to get to know him and to build a relationship with Him Bookstore:

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